About Reiki

Reiki is a form of healing discovered by Dr.Usi in the 1870’s.

Dr.Usi put together this healing method by using meditation (meditation=Stilling the mind and the emotions) and by seeking the truth from within his soul. He found that Inspirational images and information were formulated together over a period of 21 days which gave

Dr.Usi all the Information he required to put together the REIKI system of healing.

  • REI KI = Universal Life Force Energy
  • REI = Universal
  • KI = Life Force Energy

KI Is using the vital force that flows through all matter and can be activated effectively by the Reiki Healing. Reiki is in NO WAY a faith system; all that is involved is a willingness towards healing.

Reiki IS NOT a religion, or does it depend on any acceptance of faith by the therapist or patient for the Reiki to be effective. All that is required is an open mind and a willingness to accept the healing from within which can formulate your body’s natural self healing. Reiki compliments, but does not claim to substitute ORTHODOX Medical treatment and any other NATURAL therapy.

Reiki can be given in conjunction with any other treatment. It is a non intrusive form of healing and the Reiki energy will pass through clothing, bandages, braces, plaster casts, etc……

Reiki can be given to all people, children, and babies to aid and assist in the body’s natural healing restoring balance, relaxation and wellness to the body’s system. The Reiki attunements creates a healing link to the energy field which bypasses the Emotional and Mental level and there by enables the healing energy to pass straight into your energy body. The energy is then passed onto your patient through your energy body to their energy body, there by creating a “Filter” which prevents the unwanted transference of pain syndrome.

In Reiki healing there is NO transference of feelings, symptoms, or disease. There is NO link during a Reiki treatment where by the therapist is linked to the patients energy field on an Emotional and/or Mental Level.

"I really enjoy coming to Paul's class on a Friday Morning and I find it so relaxing and gives me a feeling of well being.
Josepine Tucker.

"This is a very good way to exercise which increase flexibility, concentration and coordination. The exercises are easy to follow and are gentle and suitable for all ages. Tai Chi has very graceful slow flowing movements which benefits the whole body and mind. I lead a very busy life so Friday lessons make me slow down and make time for me. I always feel relaxed and calm after the lessons."
Ann Pik

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