Spiritual Healing - what is is?

Spiritual healing is the healing of dis-ease in body, mind and spirit by Divine energies obtained by attunement through prayer and meditation, whether or not in the presence of the patient.

How does it work?

Energy is drawn from the Divine Energies and channelled to the patient through the energy field of both healer and patient. This has the effect of charging up the energy field of the patient and enables healing to begin.

In particular forms of illness or stress these energies can be directed and applied to a particular disease (i.e. cancer, M.E., arthritis etc.,) or imbalance in the life force within the person to stimulate natural recovery and to bring peace of mind. A good healer will always encourage their patient to take an active part in their own healing. Healing is about bringing ease and peace to mind, body and spirit, only then can real healing occur.

Is it necessary to have faith?

No, but a strong will to be better does help.

What happens when I go to a Spiritual Healer?

The Healer helps you to relax mentally and physically and then allows the healing energy to flow to you by laying his or her hands on or near you.

Does Spiritual Healing always work?

Sometimes one treatment is enough, but more often than not beneficial results appear gradually. There is always a benefit at some level to the patient but it may not always be obvious straight away.

Can it do any harm?

Definitely not. Unlike drugs, which may do damage, spiritual healing has the immeasurable advantage of not having any harmful side effects. Your G.P. should always be consulted for a diagnosis and for serious complaints. Healing works alongside conventional medicine, not instead of.

"I have been a member of Paul's Tai Chi class for 2 years and find he is an excellent teacher with a wide range of knowledge. I enjoy the class very much and find it very beneficial since I have been unable to do more strenuous exercises, and feel Tai Chi exercises the whole body."
Sue Rushton

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